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EnRevo Pyro's platforms can be deployed in three different configurations to address different waste and other feedstock processing needs:

  • Large municipal/industrial fast pyrolysis systems for high-volume processing of waste and other feedstock (hundreds to thousands of metric tons per day) to enable utility-scale power generation (>5MW) and commercial-scale oil/fuel production.

  • Mid-size and smaller stationary fast pyrolysis and biomass gasification systems to be installed near and directly process waste from a facility or site and then supply the resulting electricity (25kW to 5MW) and heat (or cooling) to that facility or site. Typical applications for these systems may include:

    • Biomass from agricultural (crops, livestock) and forestry operations

    • Medical waste from hospitals and other health care facilities.

    • Food and packaging waste from grocery stores and food processing operations

    • Mixed waste from large office buildings, shopping centers, apartment/housing complexes, hotels/resorts, event venues, industrial parks, military bases, prisons, etc.

  • Portable/mobile systems to be mounted on truck beds, trailers, rail cars, ships or barges for short-term and emergency waste processing needs. Typical applications for these systems may include:​​

    • Seasonal (Spring, Autumn) biomass and storm/natural disaster debris cleanup

    • Building construction/demolition or land-clearing sites

    • Large seasonal or touring events (pilgrimages, festivals, etc.)

    • Oil/chemical spill and land remediation sites


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