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The EnRevo Pyro Team: unsurpassed experience, expertise, capabilities

EnRevo Pyro is home to one of the world’s most experienced teams in the design, development and optimization of innovative waste conversion and related energy technologies.

Our technical team comprises substantial interdisciplinary expertise, encompassing:

  • fast pyrolysis and gasification of waste and other feedstock

  • specialty chemicals development and manufacturing

  • petroleum extraction and refining

  • advanced fuels development, including fossil fuels and biofuels

  • power generation/cogeneration

  • production equipment design/fabrication, and

  • related systems design, integration, optimization and operation

Technical team member backgrounds include many years of work with such entities as Total Energy (Elf Aquitaine), Exxon, Bechtel, Dodge/Chrysler Motorsports, the British Royal Navy, defense/aerospace technology suppliers and major pharmaceutical companies.

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