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EnRevo Pyro's platforms can process a wide variety of waste and other feedstock, including some types of hazardous waste that other methods are unable to treat as cleanly and effectively.


Below are examples of our Fast Pyrolysis platform’s diverse processing capabilities:

  • Municipal

    • Municipal solid waste (trash/garbage): “mining” and reduction of existing landfills, interception of incoming new waste streams to reduce additional landfill deposits

    • Sewage

    • Seasonal biomass (Spring clean-up, Autumn clean-up): leaves, grass cuttings, sticks, etc.

    • Forest and parks management: fallen trees, branches, leaves, grass and plant cuttings, etc.

    • Disaster recovery: debris from storms, floods, earthquakes; oil/chemical spills, etc.

    • Certain types of contaminated soil, to help clean-up former landfill property and toxic waste sites

  • Commercial/Industrial

    • Tires, rubber products

    • Plastics, chemicals, paints

    • Used motor oil, petroleum sludge/tank bottoms, oil sands, other fossil fuel-based material, etc.

    • Agricultural (crops, livestock) and landscaping waste

    • Food and related packaging: food processing/packing, grocery, restaurant, commissary, catering, etc.

    • Medical/hospital waste and pharmaceutical waste

    • Building construction and demolition waste (wood, insulation, etc.)

    • Furniture, mattresses, carpeting

    • Clothing, textiles, shoes

    • Office waste: papers, cardboard

    • Retail and hospitality waste: cardboard, packaging, discarded products, etc.

    • Manufacturing waste: cardboard, packaging, rejected/damaged products, unusable materials, etc. 

    • Electronic waste


  • Military

    • Mixed waste from military bases

    • Munitions disposal


Our biomass gasification platform is focused primarily on processing agricultural (crops), forestry, landscaping, food and other plant-based waste and feedstock.


For more information on our solutions, please Contact Us.

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